From 1983 to 1990 InPlant Systems, Inc. transitioned  from an innovative bio-remedial services company to a custom engineering and fabrication firm manufacturing proprietary and patented wastewater treatment systems for the petrochemical, refinery, oil drilling production water, industrial machining, circuit board, and metal plating industries. In 1990 the corporate orientation was re-directed to custom-development of unique chemical formulations/processes for license and direct sale. From 1999 - 2000 the firm evolved a revolutionary bio-chemical product for a major metropolitan transit system as a remediation remedy for inadvertent environmental violations.  The biodegradable product  was a concentrated microbe/enzyme-enhanced,  nano-surfactant/dispersant and integrated environmental remediation agent and vapor-suppressant.  It is known as Fast-N-Green Bio-D-Grader Cleaner.  Once activated, this remarkable product captures and encapsulates hydrocarbon and organic polluting contaminants in the rinsate and then aggressively, proactively bio-degrades them quickly, including the cleaner itself, leaving NOTHING behind but a little CO2 and water vapor as by-products of the reaction. The chemistry complies with all relevant ASTM and SAE testing protocols for FAA acceptance in both aerospace & ground transportation industry applications. The formulation also complies with Executive Order 13693 - Federal Leadership In Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance. Other proprietary and patented specialty formulations have been specifically designed for the military, US Forestry Service, as well as many other fire fighting, 1st Responder, EMS, and fire prevention applications.

With the breakout of the COVID-19 Pandemic, InPlant became part of a Misubishi Chemical group company team to help with planning, technical support and market development of a revolutionary and highly advanced biostatic antibacterial and antiviral sterilant called Spectra-Shield XP. This sterilant is unique because the formulation is patented, approved and compliant with EPA and FDA standards, as well as being NFS-51 certified for the food processing industry. What distinguishes the product from MOST others is its biostatic tenacity that assures users of Extended Protection and uninterrupted 24/7 infectious protection and anti-microbial efficacy for more than 90 days upon application to surfaces, depending  upon the type of surface to which it is applied and exposure to normal wear.

 InPlant's unique proprietary and disruptive enzymatic and biochemical formulations and processes are earning the company a reputation for "Best Available Technology."


                      Manufacturers of Fast-N-Green Bio-Chemical Products

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